CSR Racing Review

1 million downloads, this is a popular game. For those of you who haven’t guessed from the amount of downloads and from the title this article. This is a review of CSR racing. And with do a little overview of CSR and then when they get into a more detailed view of the fine points of it. To those you don’t know CSR racing is basically a drag racing game. There are no corners are tracks in the game. It’s a straight line get from a to B as fast as possible. To me that says a lot that boring and a little bit drab, let me tell you now, it’s quality.

I think I’ve worked very hard on a formula that is incredibly addictive. Much like other games like bejewelled, it’s often the simplest games that get you hooked. And this is pretty simple. All you need to do is press the accelerator and make your changes and let your nitro go at the right time. Sounds pretty simple, yes? Well, is it’s about getting it perfect. It takes a while to master this game your time enough to be spectacular and you need to be good just to progress. You need to master a launch which to be fair, isn’t that difficult if you use the method of holding down the gas all the way until the countdown reaches one then let go, the gas and as it hits the raw you should be the perfect sweet spot for that perfect launch. Obviously, press the gas back down. Once you started. Then you need to work on your perfect gear shifts you have an indicator on the heads up display that tells you when to switch you gear up. It will go Green and let you know what a lot of car is a foundation get slightly faster times by shifting up just before the indicator goes green. Obviously, this takes practices is no on-screen indications tell you when to change gear. And then you just have to play around with when to use your nitro.

I feel I cannot do in the game justice by making it so simple. I suggest you download and have a look at it. It is free after all. Well free to appoint it’s a freemium model. Where you can play the game as much as you want for free. But realistically, you got have to drop some real-world currency. If you don’t be playing the game to the next hundred years trying to complete it. Perhaps it’s a little too aggressive with this business model, especially that is so addictive and it would take so long to grind out this game for free. It’s really not worth your time spent in a month to level up once when you can just spend a few dollars to get the car you need. The free to play this game. Be prepared to spend some money. There are other alternatives you can use cheap and a hack the best I’ve found is here at http://www.realcsrracinghack.com, which works great CSR racing and you can deposit gold and money into your account with this cheat.

Getting back to the game graphically it’s something to behold and I tried on a sunny experience on which is quite a powerful porn and it looks remarkable. Null seriously. This is a remarkably good looking game, for one that runs on a phone. The car models look excellent are accurate representations of the real world cars and is a huge variety of cars to pick from. From Fords to Ferraris they look amazing vivid and draw you into the game. The representation of speed is pretty good, and if the heads up display is also very decent get all the information you need without it being overconfident or the bearing on your screen. Immediately with a good looking game at this questions arise about how it will perform on older phones. Well let me tell you, it performs excellently on older iPhones and has been excellently optimised to run on most phones. It shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a smart phone.

The sound the game is pretty decent as well, except the music, strong suggest you use your own music. But the signs of the engines roaring tyres screeching in dropping gears hit in night chores. It helps to immerse you in the experience.

The game is excellent. If you’re untried are released go straight to your App Store and download it to be wary that is addictive and you might Wanna spend money to progress. If you don’t spend that money than just play a little bit and delete it or embrace the grind and play it for the rest of the year.


Quick play diamond dash review

Are you link me and like addictive problem games? In that case Diamond Dash might be going to be rather satisfying for you. It may appear quite recognizable it’s a display filled with blocks and you also inherently realize that the objective will be to ruin all the blocks like quite a few other games in exactly the same genre. Just what exactly makes Diamond dash any good? Is it worth your time and effort to play it? Properly yes it’s more of the exact same you’ll be able to inform possesses the identical sense to the action and dependency to the game play and it really is manufactured by the makers of bejewelled blitz.

The sport mechanics are quite straightforward you must ruin as many blocks as potential within sixty seconds the further you have the ability to ruin the larger your rating will be. To ruin blocks you must match three of precisely the same color simply by clicking on them on you mouse or with your touchscreen display device. They may be destroyed after you click blocks greater than three and more blocks may come pouring in in the peak of the screen. You won’t ever run from blocks so you can’t complete a circular by destroying them you just have a time limit. The game is amazingly addictive and the brief playtime of each circular enables you to want to come back and decide to try again instantaneously to overcome your preceding score. There is a automobile mechanic in place that stops you from milling away again and again again. You might be limited to five lifestyles and after you utilize them upwards you have to wait to get a while before they regrow or more lifestyles can be bought by you also with some real life or Face Book currency. There isn’t significantly in the way of options in the sport you can fix the sound quantity which isn’t an awful idea and look at the rating panel but that is about it. Just what this game does do very well is introduce and keep up a high emphasis on social interaction it’s possible to convey and contend through Face Book with your pals.


The graphics are quite standard from the computer programmers all of the colours have become vibrant and possess a great feeling about them. It Is quite clear to determine which blocks are which and everything is laid out quite properly clearly do not anticipate cutting-edge next generation graphics, it is a problem sport thus keep it in context. The pet for the sport is a panda which will be relatively cunning and does a great job being the ambassador for the game. If your wanting to cheat the game you could always visit this site. They have a program that actually works and autoclicks the blocks for you, a bit cheap i know but if you have that one annoying friend you need to beat it should be easy with this 🙂

Regarding the sound in the sport regrettably there isn’t significantly to record on here there is not an appealing tetris form of melodic phrase there is absolutely no songs merely a noise when you ruin stones while this comes with a bit more level to it than that along with the regularity which it occurs does not depart you believing there’s absolutely no appear in the sport. You get an intro at the beginning of the sport letting you know to begin and then only a tone when you destroy blocks even though this sound does increase in toss as the game provides you with an idea of achievement and continues and motivates to carry on, it operates rather nicely. When you get an electric up additionally you get an alternate sound a more sensational seem that offers you a sense of strength. But there’sn’t significantly to the sport with regards to sound as well as for someone else in the same area it’s planning to get really frustrating extremely quickly. There is also a clock that ticks aside and counts down from 10 seconds ticking away providing you with an idea of immediacy.

APB reloaded

All point bullet reloaded the developers of grand theft also are behind this game and you can tell it was originally released in 2000 and 500 name of all point bullet and the concept was of the criminals versus enforces and although the game may not been very good to concepts was actually pretty good. APD reloaded was officially released in 2011 and this rerelease of the original game, but free to play. It’s a pretty good game and they do make their money from all the extras that you can pay far, but the basic game dynamics is free to play.

Your character will level up and you’ll gain more money and resources with which you can buy better and better equipment such as top end rocket launchers and this will make missions easier to deal with missions are definitely made with multiplayer in mind co-operative gameplay, it’s a lot easier to be successful working in a team. It’s a very competitive game and the graphics are pretty decent as well as animations you can customise your character. The cause aware the facial details such as hair, glasses, et cetera the standard stuff really.


APV reloaded take place in their city setting players are exactly as you would expect cover card play you working seems to try and kill the opposition in 18 and you can join different gangs and nonplayer computer characters. If first I will be a small car with two passengers and you can eventually upgrade to better vehicles just like weapons, although you can steal a car at any time. The emphasis of the game is definitely team player. If you try go solo or you’ll be punished and up dead and you seem or be too happy performance. Environment can be used for cover during gunfights and is a critical point of the game. If you have a pillar, then you can hide behind it pea coat can take your shot and it will help a lot.

Again on the customisation there are a lot of options. You can even be an enforcer are a criminal and then you can change their hair colour with a huge different shoe range and also different hairstyles. You can change your eyes, eyes the body skin any stars, gender and in their cup and facial and body hair even on the hair. There is hair length fringe dwellers front and side length nape length. To name just a few. You can really customise your characters quite some detail. Even though the game is free years old. It may look a little like dead, but the level of customisation still there.

As of a large games. There are less morally correct ways of doing things. If you want to get ahead. You can download an application at http://www.apbreloadedcheats.net that you can log into your account and modify attributes in the game such as your health and your money in the bank has also items that you have.

I wouldn’t rate APB reloaded as an amazing game, but it’s still decent and it’s free to play so I cant grumble, it’s good to kill a few hours

beyond to souls

One of the games I most excited about is beyond to souls. It’s going to be released soon and it’s by the developers of heavy rain. In the simplest terms, it’s about a girl who is trained by the CIA to do missions box. She has a ghost attached to which Leave her proximity, but can use telekinetic powers to move objects. There’s a few demonstration videos available at the moment that show the game off and to be honest, it looks excellent.

Not just graphics and animation and depth of immersion, but the story books exceedingly compelling and very unique. One of the scenes shows the girl grown up at the spin trained asleep on a chain, but being pursued and hunted by agents of the CIA and her trying to escape from the train. She needs the get help from her ghost Aidan.

The game looks like it could have many different endings as a lot of the part sure the Damour, the player fails that, but the game continues instead of reloading, which seems to indicate that there will be many different path story can take much like heavy rain that far game appeals to me tremendously, and in fact this is perhaps my only gripe with the walking dead that no matter what you do the game as the same ending ultimately and therefore are makes a lot of the decisions you made feel redundant.

In another scene progressing after the chase on the train Geordie is held up the car with agent actively pursuing with guns and intent to hurt her. Aidan can possess certain soldiers and does so to abuse and kill other soldiers in order to save Geordie. He also takes less direct action, but this is the first time he kills.

There’s more demonstration for edge of Geordie has a little girl being investigated by the head of the CIA Department assigned to her and she draws a drawing of the ghost attached to her the agent requires asks her to give a demonstration and he realises that Geordie has special abilities, but does not control Aidan. Aidan. She describes is like lying in a cage, but the full talks about other monsters it looks incredibly appealing I can’t wait to the game.

After the interview Jodie gets taken into the military and has military training. I was the type of interaction you have with the game and how you have to solve puzzles interactively by pressing corresponding buttons on the joy pad. For example, doing situps in its best L1 to consider left and are want to crunch the right.

The online it looks quality and is an exclusive to the PlayStation three

Wartune the game

War tune is a free online mega multiplayer online role-playing game with elements of strategy. This is a very popular game and I like it quite a bit. It’s definitely a good deal from free.

It’s a little bit difficult to get the exact genre of war tune. It’s a hybrid game between a real-time strategy game and a role-playing game you need to resource manage, but you can actually build buildings in your town. Your town buildings can be upgraded in level law, which in turn will offer you more items for your characters in the war tune.


This city is where the real-time strategy takes place whereas the campaign is where the role-playing element takes place. The role-playing element is very similar to the many dungeon hack and slash games such as Diana Bloor you scroll around the map picking up items and exploring and going to other cities.

Battle system when you engage in combat is turn-based where you are Sean side on display of your characters and your opponents and you take it in turns to attack. Every time you are victorious. You will get a reward which will usually upgrade your character are can be added towards a city.

The campaign’s story driven. Although from me I didn’t find the story that engaging. There was a fog of war on the map which when you explore will disappear. The at your characters you take into battle at the characters you level up in your city. The campaign has many side quests and little extras that you can engage in to further develop your characters. The battle aspects is very similar to Final Fantasy and can get very repetitive as the background in almost every battle is very similar. The designs of the game is quite good and it looks quite detailed, although it doesn’t drain much resources and should be playable on any modern-day system.

To me the management aspect of the game was not to enjoyable and spear the process. I downloaded a hack from http://www.wartunecheats.net which allowed me to manipulate the attributes in my city, such as the gold I had and the items my character had I’m not recommended everyone do this, but if you wanted speed up the progress it’s the easiest way to do it.

If you haven’t played war tune yet you can download it for free at this address get online and get involved.

The best gaming genre.

The best gaming genre without doubt is the first person shooter. There is no arguments to this. It is the best I am right. If you do not believe it you are wrong. If you have an opinion different then your opinion is wrong and could not be more wrong. Okay, maybe I might be exaggerating and perhaps be a little biased. I would go to bars to say that I’m actually joking. But you might want to read my post on battle field 3

I don’t know if you could say there is the best Genre in gaming. Anyone with any sense knows that variety is the spice of life, and I would say I would be disappointed if anyone only played one genre of video games. I think you should experience as much as you can in your life and that goes to video games as well. My personal favourite genre may be difficult to express as I stay away from a few genres as you may know I have dealt with previous videogame addiction.


I try to limit myself to games that don’t involve incredible amounts of time. I don’t play any mega multiplayer online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft or rift as I think you can get far too consumed by the game and sacrifice way too much in the real world. I think videogame addiction can be a real problem for me and I stay away from these kind of games. Trust me I have a flatmate who has been incredibly addicted to World of Warcraft and has spent over 400 days Playtime in the game at the expense of almost everything else in his life, including his health 16 hours a day, every day with an incredibly bad diet to accommodate the habits. That amount of Playtime can definitely take its toll. If you don’t have money you could always try free online games. That being said, I’m getting slightly side tracked here as this is about my favourite genre games and I’m coming out as a hater on computer games. I don’t hate computer games, obviously or else I will be running this blog. I just think you should restrict a gameplay to a reasonable amount of time. That being said, let’s get back to the topic of the best Game Genre.

If I look at the number games I play and categorise the ones I play the most, then it is through my favourite genre is a first person shooter is the one I play the more but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my favourite. I really enjoy computer games that make you think and real-time strategy games accommodate that request. I love playing real-time strategy games with my friends just to see who can get one over the other person. That brings with it a lot of satisfaction when you can beat your friend at a skilled game. No cheap shots and I think I get more satisfaction from a real-time strategy game such as command and conquer or Company of heroes when you have been playing for an hour and a half and she managed to just be a friend in the battle of the wits. But like I said variety is the spice of life

Battlefield three versus modern warfare three.

Prior to launch a lot of hype was surrounding both games call of duty two being the far bigger franchise had a lot more anticipating fans than battlefield three I distinctly remember my flatmates watching the trailers for both and one favoured modern warfare three, he is a tremendous call of duty fan boy. I however have been PC gaming all my life and was severely addicted to battlefield two. I remember playing battlefield two with a sniper rifle sat on a roof waiting for maybe two hours to take a few shots. It was during this time. I reflected upon myself about the amount of time I had spent playing battlefield two sat behind my computer with my character sat on a roof with a sniper rifle to shoot a few people. I realise they’ve been spending way too much time on battlefield two, and maybe I should quit and delete the game forever, which I did so my anticipation of battle field three was met with mixed feelings. The game, looked incredible but would I be drawn in to the same level as I had once been before. I tried to look at the two games with unbiased opinion and it was pretty clear to me that battlefield three looked superior in every way. Of course you can’t take gameplay mechanics into account and the only thing that really can be told from trailers is graphics ability and a hint of how the gameplay will actually be.

battlefield 3

I couldn’t possibly imagine looking at the pre-release videos and information that modern warfare three would be my favourable game those issues divide between battlefield three modern warfare three in terms of which game is the best. Some people think modern warfare three was better. Some people think battlefield three was better. In my opinion they are to very, very different games within the same genre, but perhaps in a separate subgenre battle field three is all too realistic (to a point) where you have the open world freedom to do almost anything you would like in a combat situation. This however does involve moments where you may be out of the action, are spending a lot of time trying to get to advantageous position. Modern warfare three and in fact all of the call of duty games are more of an arcade type shooter. I do not mean that in a derogatory way as I thoroughly enjoy modern warfare two and the most recent Black Ops game. However, it is my opinion that is an arcade shooter in the way the you can jump straight in and have fun without having to take into consideration many other aspects that are involved in battlefield 3.

I still to this day do not believe there should be such a huge divide over which game is better. They are completely different in their approach and style to gameplay. There are times where I would want to play battlefield three and there are times when I would like to play modern warfare three. I love each game and dependent upon the mood and feeling I’ll choose one of the other. If I have to choose a game far ingenuity and brilliance and the achievements that are amazing According and computer programming. Then I would obviously pick battlefield three but call of duty still does a few things right that battlefield doesn’t do and it depends on the individual’s preference for what he or she would like to play.

If your more interested in browser games please read our post on travian the game.